They are not just a silicone doll


For every illness there is a treatment. And in impotence, the look of silicone love dolls looks like the healing power that restores every man's wound. According to the doctor, male sexual incompetence is not a lifelong disease, it can be easily cured. The need is to get a nasty feeling when he encounters sex-addictive, hot sex dolls. They are not just a silicone doll but a living example of real women.

It is human nature that he relies on someone and blindly depends on him. When you go through the trauma of impotence, you also need the loving support of someone who never makes fun of their weaknesses. And to increase your sex drive, these silicone dolls are the perfect option for you, so you can easily recover and count on the population of macho men. , It is believed that supporting partners in the form of real doll may be able to reduce the impact of low desire. You will find an internal connection with these dolls, which forces your lost male power to achieve this sexual satisfaction.

If your doll does not turn or bend in a particular direction, it does not mean it's easy to do so. Please do not overdo it. Excessive weight or tension on a joint can cause irreversible damage. You'll be surprised how heavy your silicone dolls really are. That's intended. Your doll should look like a real person. That is, they have enough weight to create human skeletal structures and realistic sexual experiences.

If you need to move the doll, make sure you do that. Please be careful. A good rule is that you move your doll like a real, living person. You can not lift a person by the elbows, neck or ankle joints. The same applies to dolls. save the doll when not in use. It should not be bent between uses. This leads to dislocations. If you spend a long time between missions, you should adjust the position of your doll from time to time. This prevents wear of the structure.